“I am fascinated by where and how we place ourselves in the world, the position of the body in relationship to other objects and situations.”

About The Artist

Alexander Duncan (b.1985) grew up in Swansea where he studied in the Foundation Art and Design course before completing his B.A. in Fine Art at UWTSD in 2007. Upon graduating, he collaborated with fellow UWTSD graduate Jonathan Anderson on several two-person shows including Real Estate at Elysium. In 2011, shortly before moving to London, Alexander had his first solo show, surge at the Mission Gallery.

In 2015, Alexander received an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, was selected for the London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery and was the recipient of the Wakelin Award by the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. In 2017, he had his first international solo show blow in, at Aldama Fabre Gallery, Bilbao; recurve, a solo show with Sluice in London and in October, Alexander exhibited his work cove at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He works between Swansea and London where he has his studio and co-directs a project space, ArtLacuna.


Alexander Duncan, water drawings, Edge Effects, La Citadelle, Mauritius, 2016 

Alexander Duncan, hold down (off Mauritius), installation view, Edge Effects, La Citadelle, Mauritius, 2016

hold down (off Mauritius), (2016), re-frames the fear, exhilaration and disorientation that humans experience while being fully immersed in the ocean through an edited video of found go-pro footage taken by surfers off of the Mauritian coast. It questions our particular kind of disconnection with sensory experiences of oceanic spaces and offers an opportunity to immerse within the thresholds of the water and identify new, non-human peripheries. 

Featured in Edge EffectsLa Citadelle, Mauritius, 2016.