About The Artist

Gemma Copp is a Welsh artist, who resides in Swansea, her city of birth. Graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2006, Copp went on to complete an MA in Contemporary Dialogues in 2009 at the same University. Copp has recently taken part in the Glynn Vivian’s Artist in Residence program. Copp has shown work nationally and internationally and has recently exhibited work at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh, and at the Mannheim Film Festival in Germany, where she received a special commendation from the judges. She was awarded Welsh Artist of the Year in 2012.

Artist Statement

As an artist who predominately works with film and installation, my practice aims to raise a flux of visceral emotions relating to identity and basic human emotions and concerns. My intention throughout my practice is to create positive, transitional shifts in thought and emotion through enactment. This extends to my current series of works which considers the frailty of coastlines.

Gemma Copp, 'Soul of the Sea',  Edge Effects , La Citadelle, Mauritius, 2-16

Gemma Copp, 'Soul of the Sea', Edge Effects, La Citadelle, Mauritius, 2-16